365 Days In One Dress - theuniformproject.com for the Akanksha Foundation

theuniformproject.com Sheena Mathieken for Akanksha Foundation
Today my October issue of body + soul came in the mail (this magazine has really stepped up its game in the last few issues, I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you like O) and featured in it is a fashion / style blog I had to share here too. Style blogs are guilty pleasure but this one has the benefit of actually helping someone other than just the blogger, viewers and the advertisers. Sheena Matheiken takes daily pictures of herself in her outfit of choice like a lot of other fashion bloggers but the major difference is she is always wearing the same dress designed by project co-founder Eliza Starbuck. It's actually hard to notice this because Sheena does such an incredible job of styling each look with various accessories.

The other change is she is doing this to raise funds for the Akanksha Foundation which helps children in India. Visit her site theuniformfoundation.com to make a donation and to keep up with Sheena's project. So far, according to her site, she has already raised $13,510! In addition to raising funds Sheena is exploring sustainability and questioning if constantly buying new clothing is really necessary. Love this Sheena!

Image: theuniformproject.com Sheena Matheiken


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