Illuminating Summer Nights: Havaleena

Havaleena Light Bouquet LampCraft

As the weather warms and the 4th of July loomed off in the not so far distance I knew a favorite for entertaining needed to be brought out once more... Havaleena's Light Bouquet, $149.00, for a set of 3, found online at Lamp Craft. Single lights can also be found here for around $50. and come with a thoroughly modern wooden base. One could only imagine how swank these would be lined on the sill of a city panoramic window.

Each battery powered light wand illuminates the table with a soft candle light like glow but without the fear or smoke or burns. Something especially important when children are over and running about. Best of all simple paper is the trick to their hue so that red, white and blue are possible with a quick swapping of sheets. Swirled in a clear vase or simply strew about the table, the effect is thoroughly unique and unexpected. Stick a few in your picnic basket when those summer concerts venture into the wee (dark) hours of the night you won't have to fret about stumbling home or give a set at your next beach party invitation and almost guarantee a repeat.

Image: LampCraft


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