Hable Construction’s Cheery Canvas Modern Totes + Storage

Guest Editor's Pick: reviews by our friends TheFind.com


I have been a fan of Hable Construction since its inception. Founded by a couple of Texan born design savvy sisters the textile design company was named after their great grandfather’s twentieth century road construction business, Hable Construction.

The Hable Construction of today manufactures hand silk screened canvas textiles created by skilled artisans in their New England factory. Using traditional screen printing methods the result is a collection of modern eye-catching products such as sturdy cotton canvas totes, storage containers, and many other items for use throughout the house. All of the products are of utilitarian function and made unique with Hable Construction's charming modern graphic textiles. On their website you'll find everything from gardening gloves, to aprons, coasters, storage totes, picture frames, as well as a range of canvas totes. I've been on the hunt for some storage vessels for my daughter's playroom as well as some containers for corralling stray magazines in the study and have got my eye on the storage bushels and storage boxes that will be the perfect solution for my summer organization projects.

Editor note—from around $98.00 to $275.00. Find more at TheFind.com including their new home edition blog.


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