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PeaceKepper Cause-Matics
...what real love is, what real peace looks like, what it means to truly collaborate and how not to engage with abusive people in our lives. —Jody Weiss

Cause-Metics is simply one of the most deep cosmetics companies out there today... traditionally an industry known for being rather superficial, imagine your nail polish or lipstick helping to prevent FGM or domestic violence? These are just a few of the causes founder Jody Weiss hopes to tackle with her Cause-Metics line. After taxes profits from the entire line are donated to various human rights causes along with women's health advocacy groups and, just as soulful, is Jody's basis for the company, "peacekeeping is about looking deeper and finding compassion… its about creating a clear idea of how we want to be treated as women and accepting no less."

Surviving domestic abuse or as she astutely puts it, “micro-wounding—those small wounds to the psyche of silencing, demeaning, ridiculing, blowing off what is important to you, stepping on your dreams..." (the mean people Martha Beck writes about), the good that has blossomed from this is incredibly admirable and inspiring. Just look at the PeaceKeeper Kiss Museum for instance.

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The Visionary Care Package comes pre-wrapped in a natural gift box with PeaceKepper's Wise Lip Paint, Grateful Nail Paint and UNIFEM Lip Gloss tucked inside, $33.00 with S&H free. Also nab a few of their Eco Sensual Lip Balms which make perfect little just because gifts. $3.18.

Image: PeaceKepper Cause-Metics


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