Landscapes In China: Topoware - Esther Coombs

Topoware China by Alexander Deschamps-Sonsino & Karola Torkos and Esther Coombs
Esther Coombs

My latest gift motto is to go back to classics but find them in new forms. Topoware and the delightful works of Esther Coombs fits the bill perfectly. Both capture thin delicate lines that invite a closer inspection and deeper reflection.

Topoware, by Canadian designer Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and German designer Karola Torkos, gives you the landscape in map form and hides little messages such as Child, Mother, Father and hungry throughout, from £25. to £75.00 per set. London based Esther Coombs takes things a step further by breathing new life into forgotten bits of vintage china. Leaving her mark in-between the transfer patters and remnants of gilding to produce usable pieces of art. Around $45. to $75.

Image: Topoware | Esther Coombs


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