Hand-Marbled Gift Wrap by Galen Berry : Volcano Arts

Volcano Arts  Hand-Marbled and Painted Papers by Galen Berry

A Dieing Art....

All I can say is absolute love at first sight! These incredible hand marbled and painted wrapping papers by Galen Berry invoke such a Missoni vibe and add a touch of fine art to your gifts. Best of all the wild and vivid prints will help mask any wrapping flubs and the need for extra trimming like bows is seriously discounted (a simple piece of natural raffia is perfect). If you wrap your gift loose enough or use these papers on something conical, your recipient can probably reuse these. 19" X 25" and $15.00 each. Framed as a print they would also make a serious home decor find.

TIP: Want to go DIY instead? Have some shaving cream on hand? Well check out this how-to on marbling at home. Sounds, looks and smells odd but it really works.

Image: Volcano Arts


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