Etiquette: Do I Need To Give A Gift In Return? You Asked

Q. I was wondering what the etiquette is regarding the exchange of gifts? Do I have to automatically give a gift when someone gives me one?

A. One of the most pressing answers Gave That readers are searching for is the etiquette of exchanging gifts. Is it mandatory that you have to give a gift in return when someone bestowed one on you? The answer, thankfully, is very cut and dry... no. According to standard western customs and decorum people are not required to give a gift in return but anyone receiving a gift should make it a point to say thank you in writing. Even if you have already expressed it in person, get that card, their address and send it right out. Etiquette dictates that gifts should be given without the express thought of the bearer getting something in return. This is our methodology here as well.

Along with stocking up on sensible cards in order to write a quick note of thanks it is also a good idea to invest in a small journal or pad of paper and keep notes on what gifts you have received. Then make it a point to follow up and try to remember the person who gave you the gift's birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. It will serve to strengthen bonds down the road and help to extract honest giving (out of love, care, admiration, etc.).

Can these rules be broken... of course there are certain gift exchanges and events that require and are founded on everyone exchanging gifts with one another and in some cultures it might be seen as a grand slight. Investigate everything beforehand and you should be just fine.

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