Style Hack: Decorative Tape

Decorative Tapes
Clockwise from top: Fred Flare grid, Fred Flare russian doll, $10. , Etsy:Little Crafty Shop rainbow, $3.90, The container store, $7.99.

I remember how not so long ago it was extremely difficult to find decorative (Decor) adhesive tapes and how some of the best were created in Japan. While the latter is probably still true I'm so pleased to see decorative tapes moving in new style directions, with some being rather lovely.

Lace Decorative Tape
Lace Tape, $10. by O Boiler Design Office

These tapes are perfect for when you're sending care packages and the shipping container will also have to make due as the gift wrap or when you're looking to be a bit green as these spruce up plain brown paper something wonderful.

Decorative tape II Tapeswell
Damask & Java Spot Decorative Packing Tape, $7.00 each


merrily said…
I was able to find the Fancy That decorative tapes online, at the container store.
Gave That said…
Thanks Merrily! I have the Container store linked but neglected to include the actual name of the decorative takes... "Fancy That" (love that & them).

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