Still Here: The proliferation of LEGO

Trend: LEGO Dee & Ricky Pin - Lynx Optique - Reware Style - Digital Blue

Remember the virus like spread of bothers Dee & Ricky's Pixel Heart Pin after waltzing down the runway at Marc Jacobs? They subsequently popped up in Fred Flare and on Kanye West. Sadly those bits of LEGO genius seem to have vanished into thin air, along with the brothers, but the proliferation only seems to be gaining steam.

With numerous collaborations coming out we ask is this a fun gift trend heavily doused in nostalgia? Take a look at the new pair of sunglasses by LEGO x Lynx Optique and the fun digital camera by LEGO x Digital Blue, $50. At 3mp this is clearly aimed at children although it makes a hip chotsky for display. Designer Emiko Oye has been using the colorful blocks for her high end pieces at Reware Style along with fun picture frames and kitchen wear.

TIP: Are you thinking DIY too? A little Crazy Glue and you would be all set and no you do not need to buy entire sets to get the necessary pieces and or colors you desire. The LEGO website sells individual pieces in a rainbow of colors for order. How else do these guys do it?

Image: Lynx Optique | Digital Blue | RewareStyle | Fred Flare


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