Only Happy When It Rains : dav + marimekko

Only Happy When It Rains by MAM for GaveThat

It rained through two straight weeks... is this Paris? Is it London? No it's here and it stayed way too long but it was grand. Really it was...
I'm convinced, one of the reasons why, was having the proper accouterments. It's something you end up looking forward too because you get to finally pull on those wellies and open up that over the top umbrella. So many do not have any of these things... you pass poor souls shivering outside or with soaked though shoes and a scowl. Poking around I found some absolutely adorable marimekko mini umbrellas. They are tiny! So perfect to give anyone as a just because treat. Shoes are harder to give due to sizing but wellies can always be on the tad big side and still be perfectly acceptable. I've been living in my däv sport boots, because from what I hear it's going to be raining all this week too and that shouldn't stop anyone from exploring.
Oak NYC Marimekko Umbrella

Boots: dav 'sport'
Umbrella: Hayden Harnett for Target
Cardigan: Richard Chai
Umbrella: via OAK marimekko in kiku

Image: copyright GK for | MS Stock | Oak NYC


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