High : Low - Alexander Wang vs Steve Madden

High : Low Alexander Wang vs Steve Madden
Alexander Wang vs Steve Madden

Well it was only a matter of time before someone would try to grab a little piece of the brass ring called Alexander Wang and here is the latest attempt by none other Steve Madden. If you've been looking to gift your girl the cult favorite Wang 'Brenda Zip Bag ' (top) but didn't feel comfortable forking over $750. take a peek at Steven by Steve Madden's 'Wild Thing Mini' in black leather for $195. Obviously the huge change in the design is the extra inch, zipper going another direction on the pocket and chain strap. (yes this found its way into my hand one day while out shopping and it quickly slid back out... coming in a gun metal gray along with the black the leather was incredibly thin and the dog chain like strap x fanny pack look was strangely "adorable biker-esk", no wonder it was on sale.) Steve, really! It almost feels like NYC's Canal street but not quite.


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