Winner: Trisha Too of Our Original Art Giveaway!!

Our Gave That Original Art Winner Is:

The winner, chosen by, is Trisha Too of Easily Amused, Hard To Offend (quite possibly one of the best blog titles ever!) is the winner of our Original Art by Marie Anakee giveaway, part of the One World, One Heart project. Congratulations Trisha!!!

Thank you everyone who left such incredible words in your entries and it has been a wonderful gift to be able to read and visit your blogs. All throughout the coming year I look forward to paying many return visits.

Wishing you all much peace,


trisha too said…

Thank you so much, I will treasure this piece of your artwork--it has found a good home!!!

thank you thank you thank you!!

:)can you tell i'm a little bit
happy about this???
Gave That said…
I'm so happy you are--it's on its way so please keep a look out for it Trisha!!

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