A Valentines Day Movie Mixer Anyone?

La Belle et la bête French Movie Stills

La Belle et la Bête (1946) with Josette Day and Jean Marais. Filled with imperfection yet it has a way of burrowing itself deep into your mind. Once you've seen it, you'll never forget it.
The formula for VDay... a Valentines Day (or night) Movie Mixer. The theme is romantic movies of course and the only fee for attending is each person has to bring a friend with them (or a pillow case filled with chocolate). This is how the mixing starts. Best of all since you will be showing movies at your party you're not forcing guests to make endless conversation. Something that can really take the edge off if you or your friends are shy.

As I was pondering a list of some of my favorite movies to show to a general audience it dawned on me that they were all old, somewhat obscure and French. How odd but this in itself could help with party decorations, what sort of favors to hand out and nosh to serve. For my very own VDay cinéma feature I would screen along with La Belle et la Bête these two films:
King of Hearts French Movie

Le Roi de Cœur (1966) with Geneviève Bujold who looks just like Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes. This movie is bizarre and the music score can get to you after a while but, unless you or your guests have already seen it, you simply will not know what will come next. The ending is plum too.
Le Miserables - Jean Gabin French Film

Misérables, Les (1958) with Jean Gabin. There are of course many versions of this epic tale but this one is my favorite and is also rather long with the director trying to be faithful to the book. Jean Gabin is superb and you honestly feel for him and his struggles for redemption.

Putting It All Together

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Nosh: Well this will of course be completely up to you but I could see a nice spread of candy colored French macaroons, pink popcorn, cupcakes, chocolate beer and Sofia champagne. Cherry 7 Up would work as well.

Seating: Have plenty of pillows, soft blankets, quilts for people to pull over themselves. Make it comfortable, cozy and informal so guests will feel more at ease with one another.

Intermission: Have small breaks, especially with the longer films so people can grab more snacks, interact with one another a bit and give their legs a stretch.

Background Music: Why Édith Piaf of course, old French films deserve only the best. What ever you pick for your party make sure it allows people to talk over it and mingle.

Games: Take a look at my past piece on Thirty-two Questions on Love by the Marquis de Sourdis, it's perfect for this theme and has just enough blush factor to make it fun.

* Budget Tips: To keep costs down rent your movies for free from your local library and ask gusts to bring something like a few drinks or chocolate.

Why wait for someone to entertain us or make our VDay special? Let's take things into our own hands and hearts. That's when the fun really starts in life.

Have any of you seen any of the the movies above? Do you have a favorite film line up for your own party? Please share by leaving a comment.

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