Trends: Giving Glamour In The Bedroom

Dolce & Gabbana RTW Spring 2009 Pajamas


Obviously I still have boudoir glam on the mind as I keep drifting back to Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2009 offerings which showcases an ever growing trend. No, not wearing your pajama's out of doors (this deserves to die although this image by The Sartorialist blogged at A CUP Of Joe can be a mind changer)... what I'm referring to is those deliciously glamorous silk and satin pj sets. They're making a major comeback and for good reason.

We all know times are tough and can get even tougher. This can mean only one thing—we have to work harder to make our own reality a good one. Hiring someone to do it for us might be slightly out of the question. One way to do this is through upgrading certain pieces of our daily lives. Just imagine yourself reading the paper in one of these little sets edged in piping and cinched at the waist with a thick matching belt. You're instantly transported to some decadent Garbo era of luxury. The best part is these feel just as good as yoga wear or sweats. They tend to last much longer as well.

D&G 2009 ad

So we have a multifaceted gift here. On one hand it can be a simple gift to give yourself... a little pick me up if you will. On the other hand this can be one of those incredibly well received gifts. Many gift recipients this past Christmas had one of these sets as a deep wish on their lists. You may have to do a bit of snooping to find your beloveds size but the good thing with these pajama sets, they are cut roomy for ease of movement.

Silk Pajamas

Some recommendations:
  • If at all possible splurge on natural silks as they provide the most breathable night sleep.
  • Up the anti even more with a monogram on the front pocket.
  • For men, if they're not into this look, try a smoking jacket or robe.

  • Can you toss them in the wash? Do they need to be ironed? Look into this prior to buying.
Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle
* Take a look at these swoon worthy silk pajama pants at Victoria's Secret, $98. It's a pity they do not seem to have a matching shirt to complete the set and look but they could do double duty as cool summer lounge pants.


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