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New Music: reviews by Dr. M. of The New Eclectic Sound Experience

bounce by Bill Easley
Businessman's Bounce by Bill Easley
Genre: Jazz, Swing
Easley remains true to this style of jazz often called Big Band or Swing. What is refreshing is his inclusiveness of other rhythms such as Calypso while highlighting New Orleans flavored gems such as Memphis Blues. Far from falling into the same trite and anticipated phrases and chords, Easley breaks new ground in his clarinet and tenor sax solos. With backgrounds by Off Broadway Woodwind Ensemble and guest musicians, Frank Wess - tenor sax, Warren vache - trumpet, this is a well rounded and satisfying CD of the best this genre has to offer. I've heard Easley live and his CD surely lives up to his on stage performance and charm. Perfect for studio parties and soirees. Available from the artist's website at:

Genre: Rock, Hip-Hop, R & B
This CD / DVD combo platter serves up the best of Toby McKeehan & his Diverse City, Portable Sounds Tour. Having seen Toby and Diverse city perform live, I'd have to say I was transported back to the concert while listening to this CD. At a press interview, Toby showed real pride in this project as it not only offers 20 excellent signature tracks but a visual treat of some of his live performances from the tour. Not bad! In fact, it is a decent sampling of Toby's body of work which includes elements of rock, hip-hop with Latin percussive and trumpet for a little interest. Toby's flow with Mandissa melts sweetly in "Lose My Soul" which has received ample air-play on radio stations coast to coast. A Christian artist yes but his show offers high energy, insane dance moves and non-stop tricks anyone can enjoy. Visit the artist's website at Toby

Still in the Mix....
Dream Rodeo produced by Jon Gillespie - Monastic Chambers
Genre: Georgian styled chants, spiritual music
This is a sampler of various artists from many lands and cultures all performing instrumental music infused with meditative chorals. There is a wash of orchestral colors as you move from track to track. Each one takes you a little further off the map to far away continents and their respective sounds with pulsating rhythms. This is an ongoing project but this sampler is worth taking note of. Dream Rodeo is the moniker given by Jon Gillepie which stuck to this body of work but the title is being revisited. The final name will do more to reflect what has proven to be an unfolding of an inspired, expressive work. Serene, yet engaging, it is possibly the best of what original indi music aspired to be. See Jon's myspace here.

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like to rock and have fun doing it.
Gave That said…
You're so right G! They're such a classic now and really the only sneaker I wear--now you can give back to a good cause with their (RED) styles and I think the designs are pretty wild. Keep kicking it in your sneaks!!!

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