My Perfect Engagement Ring : Kiel Mead Forget Me Knot Ring

Forget Me Knot Ring

This is going to sound silly but I actually forgot about this dainty little ring... aptly named the Forget Me Knot until I saw it again on Uncommon Goods. Swept back to when I fist noticed it some months back, how could I not imagine what a unique engagement ring this would make? You see, here in NYC many women are saying no to diamonds (you might too after reading this book we reviewed here) and saying yes to more creative alternatives. With Valentines day just around the corner it would be perfect for that as well. Each of these very Rachel Leigh looking rings which were actually designed by Brooklyn based designer Kiel Mead is available at Uncommon Goods for the small sum of $48. (silver) and $148 (gold).

Limited edition red Forget Me Knot ring by Kiel Mead for Valentines Day
The limited edition red Forget Me Knot ring for Valentines Day by Kiel Mead that I recently purchased and absolutely love! It also came in pink and white.

Image: Uncommon Goods & mam for Gave That


How unique! Love your blog! So many pretty things!
Gave That said…
Thank you so much for saying that! With these rings I'm madly in love, must get one pronto.

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