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Du Buh Du Designs doll
Lovely doll by Du Buh Du Designs. I fell in love with this artists dolls after seeing pictures posted on flick (see here) and sadly I keep missing out when they're posted at her etsy store. In the mean time come and coo at Christine Alvarado's art with me. NOTE: Christine has let me know that she is holding a doll giveaway at her blog as part of the One World, One Heart project!

The Supermelon has featured A Thousand Kisses, an exhibit of famous love letters on display in NYC Jan. 2009 through March 2009. Sigh! Yet another exhibit I must see ASAP!

Operation Nice covers, Nice Site Goods for Goodness Sake, where 100% of the purchase price of your order will go to the charity of your choice.

It seems like I can never get enough of Martha Beck of O Magazine--from her incredible wry sense of humor to the fact she's an educated woman in her field giving out seriously helpful advice. Her latest article on using your sense of intuition as a guide this new year is both incredibly fresh and doable.

Planet Pink n Green shows us, How To Reduce Wedding Invitation Waste.

I love this idea Punky Style came up with to make, Prim DIY Letters to hang on ones wall. These would make a swell gift as well, especially in a nursery to spell out the little babies name!

Save that wedding gift Waterford crystal and Wedgwood because WWD.com reports that, they have gone bankrupt and may be a sign of the past. Speaking of WWD, has anyone noticed they're looking less like a trends site and more and more like CNN everyday?

Over at Giftrap.com blog Laura has found a sweet VDay gift, the new book The Science of Love. Sounds very interesting!

Paper Chick is holding a, Bel Regali Giveaway featuring tons of super cute gift favors. We're talking super cute and unique. Ends soon so hurry and enter!

If you're a musician or know someone who is, head over to the New Eclectic Sound Experience site for their Valentines Day Giveaway. All you have to do is comment what your favorite love song is for some pretty sweet prizes! You'll also get great tips on burning your own music CD's and writing down your songs. Ends Feb 13th so enter pronto.

Through Operation Nice I found out about the Bright Side Project: Art Giveaway at the lovely blah blah blahg. All throughout Feb., an artist will be giving away a piece of amazing art to one lucky winner.

I love this post by Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic, Wonky, Broken, Unplanned But Beautiful where she shows the beauty of imperfection--including gifts. Superb!

Lastly I'm not sure why it took me so long to find this out but the people at Stampington have created a most interesting publication, Artful Blogging! The perfect gift for the blogger/artist you adore.

Score a hotel room for $1? Wouldn't that be sweet this VDay? Well a new hotel booking website with an odd concept (they hide the name of the hotel in order to give you rock bottom prices--turns out swanky hotels are no longer filling up and need to save face) and they're running a unique promotion. 15 minutes each day Last Minute Travel will give away room for only $1.00. The catch, the actual times remain a secret too but they do give you clues. Are you feeling lucky?


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mention Marie! I'm having a doll giveaway so drop in by :)
Gave That said…
Hi there Christine! You are!? I sure will and I'll try to add a note to the above post as well. Really adore your artist dolls!!

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