At Last Someone Did It - Breakfast at Tiffany's Eye Mask

Breakfast At Tiffanys Inspired Blue Sleeping Mask by Gift Style Blog Gave That

This is simply the best--can you imagine putting this on while cruising over the clouds in a jet coach? Finally and at only $14 too! The Holly Golightly sleep mask by Fred Flare. For a 3-D mask that looks exactly like the one used in the movie, check out the Breakfast At Tiffany's Satin Sleep Mask at Amazon for $28.50 (pictured below).
Breakfast At Tiffany's Sleep Mask Silk Satin Eye Mask

Image: mam for Gave That | Fred Flare | Amazon


Anonymous said…
This is great! Who says a sleep mask has to be boring. Audrey would have been honored. What a find!
Gave That said…
I think so too! Really fun and unique.

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