Knits Are Back - Make What They Crave This Holiday

Top Style: Fair Isle

Remember all of those cliche's about the ugly holiday sweater gift. The one usually being depicted slumped in the corner, tossed into a closet or, even worse, slid into the garbage. In most cases these gifts came from great aunt so in so or grand mama. Well that's all in the past. This gift giving year people are actually craving those handmade, one-of-kind pieces so have no fear knitters. Pick up your needles and start handcrafting those gifts! Your gift recipients are salivating in anticipation. The only caveat, and it's a big one, is to make sure you're knitting what they really desire and what's current. Thankfully that includes many old standards and we've scouted them here.

First up we have the top style people are craving and that's the Fair Isle technique. On a background of cream or bone go wild with your yarn colors for bold statements. Or go simple by blending black, grays and whites together for cardigans and sweaters fit for evening wear. If buttons are used, go for something ornate and dressy. Top Uses: Tam hats, cardigans and sweaters.

Top Runway Lust: Advent Guard Deconstruction

When it comes to runway lusting Rodate has cast a major spell. Now is your turn. If you can knit some of those amazing fishnet leggings or make one of those punky sweaters you'll likely attain saint like status in your inner circle. Rush over to and do some major browsing. Top Uses: Sweaters, leggings and cardigans.

baret by dadaya of Japan etsy
Quirky & Bold Baret by Dadaya

The Color Palette: Bold In Small Doses & Earthy Lows

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to hand knitted garments is when an unwearable color is chosen. In most cases this is done unintentionally. What looks sweet on a skein can become garish on a full sized sweater. In order to prevent this take a look at what's already being offered in high end boutiques and on the runway where much time has been spent choosing the right hue. When it comes to sweaters, cardigans and very large scarves and neck wraps, keep the colors mute in shades of gray, cream, bone and black. Add a touch of sparkle it you want to go a little holiday glam but keep it to a minimum. Make it wearable and they will for years to come.

Color by COLOURlovers

Quick Tip: I love ColourLovers because their website has a feature where you can upload an image and they will create a color palette based on it. This means you could find the colors used by certain designers or design a sweater based on the landscape of Ireland. It's all only a mouse click away.

On the other hand if you're creating a statement piece such as a chunky scarf or bracelet, make it as bold as you like. Bright oranges, blues and yellow have been seen all over. Of course if someone is shy about major statements such as that you can also stick with grays and creams for a softer look.

Speaking of soft... one major bit of feedback we got on handmade knits is to please use soft, wearable yarns. Some gifts were gorgeous but unwearable because they irritated the skin.

For more examples of what we're talking about check out Yokoo's store of amazing pieces along with these quirky, cool hats handmade by dadaya of Japan over at Wardrobe Remix (see her store here) and Frances Le blog de Betty's gorgeous neck wraps.

[This article is part of our Recession Proof Gift Guide series.]

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