Give Twice : Scandal Candle - Karl Lagerfeld - Warrior Woman Scarf

Why give once when you can give twice? Here are our latest gift picks that also give back to great causes:

A Scent of Scandal has created two candles that give back 15%. A Rolling In The Hay benefits Farmsanctuary and Rock The Boat gives support to Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Each are $15.00.

Shop Warriors In Pink has created a Warrior Woven Scarf that not only gorgeous but also has 100% of its proceeds donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure to benefit breast cancer causes. $38.00. As seen in Star.

Karl Lagerfeld has created the Karl Lagerfeld for Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure Shirt, an exclusive at Saks, with proceeds going to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund. $40.00 ($35 of which is donated to the cancer cause). has a lovely soy based candle in Wellness with 20% of its proceeds being donated to the In A Perfect World Foundation which sponsers leadership programs for children. $55.00. As seen in Hallmark magazine.

Macy's Better World project has an exotic silk jewlery bag which directly helps Cambodian women. Hand made it retails for $45.00. As seen in Hallmark magazine.

More check out Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Months by Sharon Mosley for a great round up of fashionable gift ideas that give back to breast cancer charaties.


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