DIY Fantasy Pumpkin Coach

hallmark magazine fantasy diy pumpkin

I just had to point people here again, the Midnight Hour pumpkin coach, from Hallmark magazine. It's pretty simple to obtain the parts and the results are incredible. Would make a very unexpected hostess gift for all those costume balls you're planning on crashing.

The only problem is Hallmark magazine didn't provide readers with a resource to buy the needed belt or shoe buckles... instead telling people to go scrounge around outdoor auctions for antique belts. This is very impractical and it's highly unlikely you'll come across anything ornate as what they have pictured (I've always personally been on the lookout and always come across one or two but have yet to find matching sets).

What To Do Instead: Buy miniature picture frames used in doll houses. You can find these in your local craft store or online at such stores as Doll House Miniatures (scroll down the page to see the frames we found). They come in a number of sizes and pre-painted gold. Use a larger one for the carriage door and smaller round ones for the windows.

Image: Hallmark Magazine Scott Gibbons

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