The Secret or The Key - Giving Inspirational Books

I posted this question over at Shine and just had to publish James G. comment here.

I have read all the "Secret" books on the market. I can only remark that the book titled "The Key to the Secret" by author James De Havilland is the best secret book ever written. As De Havilland so intelligently remarks...."The Key to the Secret is written for the reader to absorb the treasure in which the distilled aroma of profound thoughts was gathered in order to perfume the spotlights of knowledge and fill the granaries of our minds for success". Now, no-one can beat that!!!

Thank you James (the James? Fess up!) and no I don't think you can top that quote! De-Lovely. We will be searching high and low for inspirational books that have gone over well as gifts and will be publishing the results soonly. In the mean time if you have any suggestions or stories about great books you have given leave a comment here or e-mail us at

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