Porcelian Jewelry - etsy Find

Seeing the Bernardaud porcelain collection featured at the fashionspot forums made me think of my now broken rings. How pretty they were and how I cherished them as gifts. Each broke the same way... a seemingly innocent tap on a marble sink top. Is the 3rd time a charm? My fingers got itchy and dialed up etsy pronto.

Pieces by KD Made (see their blog here) and Round Rabbit (also see their blog here) caught my eye again and again.

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Anonymous said…
Nice blog! Will check back often!!
/// said…
Just wanted to give you a little thanks for your input on my guest post at Decor8---
and yes, this is a great blog!!!
Gave That said…
Thank you so much Berrybar and Erin for your kind words here! I'm so glad to have found the both of you... I'm working on a proper links area and will of course be including both your blogs there.

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