Kaleidoscope : DIY Gifts - Coloring Books for Adults - Luxe Pumpkins

[The adult coloring book mentioned in this post is a drink at the MET NYC, goodness people! i.e. google searchers...]

This time we're linking some of the best DIY gift projects from around the web...

The New York Post Page Six magazine has a really cool piece on the, The MET's Liquid Work of Art... i.e. a coloring book that isn't for children! I'm already experimenting with a better liquid as theirs would knock your guests heads off but isn't this just genius!? [UPDATE: Here is my version here + a non-alcoholic version.]

I was flipping through Hallmark magazine and yes I know what you're thinking. It's actually not that bad and each issue seems to be getting better. Anyway, they have a gorgeous Midnight Hour pumpkin couch for you to create. Can you imagine giving this to the host of that swanky costume party you're going to? The ooooosss and aaahhss that will follow.

TONY magazine and Sierra Bailey of Manic Trout did a neat piece on how to make wire bead rings. These actually look really luxe. A must try.

Zephyrama shows you how to make a sweet necklace in, Buttons and More Buttons.

Crafty Chica has a vlog about a, Glittery Shadow box project. This would be great for holding and presenting small gift collections such as seashells or old coins.

Crafty Daisies has a lovely project using, Pressed Flowers.

For more DIY gift ideas and pictures check out the site, Giving Ideas.

Burda Style's blog found a really great project through the Dutch website Naaipatronen. If you have spare fabric collecting dust you can donate it through this site and it will be given to women in Africa. The Burda Style site itself has tons of DIY projects that would make great gifts.

Lastly, old but good! Lulu Frost and Nylon magazine have a Vlog on making your own one-of-a-kind bracelet out of found objects. Sweet!


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