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Here in the US everything is crazy... you can't even walk into a store without being run over by a cart and you can forget the mall. While most people are buying clothes, shoes, art supplies and so on many leave one of the most important items until the last. The school bag. Once plain brown or black leather has now taken on a stylish array of choices and sizes. They also hold a lot more including laptop computers which makes quality construction a major must. What good is having a bag filled with holes and falling apart at the seams mid-year? After too much of the latter I've found some real gems that were very well received. All retail in the $100 range.

Clockwise from the Left
Harvey's Seatbelt Bags - who knew but this is one of they most popular bags that can be for your guy or gal. Created out of woven car seatbelts these bags are fully lined, come with dust bags and are extremely durable. Best of all you're no longer restricted to black or red... now you can get a number of wild patterns including leopard. Prices are in the $140 range.

Coach Suede Bag - Combine the durable classic of Coach + fringe makes one drool worthy bag. Even better it's rather large and can hold books pretty well. This bag makes a major statement and will go with almost anything year 'round. Unfortunately Coach's leather quality has, for the most part, taken a major hit in the quality department. The fringe and leather on this particular bag turns the hands slightly back to a better time. Coach remains one of the few leather goods brands that maintain their vaule and can even be an investment piece.

The Jack Spade Field Bag - the laptop bag for boys and guys! This bag is so well made it's almost unreal and looks so stylish on anyone. See our past review here.

Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Bag - when I was in Philadelphia I saw huge tote versions of these handmade bags which were rather impressive. Super colorful these bags use actual candy wrappers to weave a unique bag (no two are the same!). The leather straps are very well made and so is the hardware. The only problem seems to be with the actual construction. Some of the bags could have been lined better and others were unraveling on the display. Check each bag over very carefully and take your time picking one out.

LaSportSac - these bags are all over the place, seemingly in a million designs and configurations. The best part is their durability and how well they're put together. These will help wick away water, keep from ripping and still manage to hold up for years of heavy use. You'll probably grow tired of it before it brakes down on you.

Betseyville Bags by Betsey Johnson - famous for being so over the top gaudy these are incredibly popular yet you'll be hard pressed to find someone else sporting one. Betsey has come up with such a large collection of designs that it's easy to show you're individuality. Once again, these are extremely well made and have some of the most comfortable straps around. Look for the cross body strap versions for the most comfortable wear.

The Feed Bag - help children in need with this well made, eco friendly tote bag. For more see our past review here. Fine yours on and Toms shoes.

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