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Why give just once when you can give twice? Check out our latest finds that give back...

The Budget Fashionista finds a unique necklace in, Do Good - Maggie Gyllenhaal Teams up with Trickle Up.

Check out the travel section of WWF, the World Wildlife Federation for a list of unique trips here.

If you haven't already, check out The Hunger Site's store which is now filled to the brim with goods that give back, are made for fair trade and exclusive items you'll only find there.

The Charitable Gift Giving blog has found, a Two Faced makeup kit whose proceeds help fight skin cancer. Created by Jerrod Blandino of Two Faced cosmetics after Jerrod's sister Lisa started battling skin cancer.

Keeping on skin cancer also check out our past post on the SpaFinder REFLECT Melanoma Bracelet.

Inches International has created cute metal bangle bracelets for $5 each which help send children of Liberia and Sierra Leone Africa to school. Buying 20 bracelets is enough to pay for one childs entire school year. For more information check out:

Do you know about a company or gift idea that gives back to a good cause? If so drop us a line here at so we can feature it in an upcoming post.


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