Worst Hostess Gifts to Give : You Asked for It

worst hostess gifts

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That's right, readers of GaveThat.com really want to know what are some of the worst hostess gifts to give and here's what we've rounded up:

When in doubt leave it home:
If you're going to someones house for the first time or your really do not know the hosts very well try to bring a gift that is either very quaky or generic. You may want to leave the classics at home such as in the case of...

- Bringing a meat laden dish to a vegans house.

- Bringing bottles of booze to a AA members house or a host just back from rehab (drugs of course are always a bad idea, need we even mention this?)

- Making peanut butter pie for party where the host has food allergies to peanuts.

- Bringing a newly bought houseplant which you didn't notice or know was infested with pests to a host who's an avid African Violet, Orchid, ____fill in the blank____ grower which then wipes out their whole collection.

- Giving a toxic houseplant to someone with pets or small children, for a list of said plants look here.

- Bringing a 7 layer Black Forest cake to a host battling their weight, on Weight Watchers, etc.

- A dish so filled with garlic that no one will want to mingle and talk with each other at the party! This is especially true around brunch time socials. (a good idea to keep in mind at parties you give as well).

- A pet.

- A gift that the host gave you for your birthday, anniversary or during the holidays, egad! Regifting!

- Something overly ostentatious or expensive. The host will no doubt feel like the king with the sword over their head owing you something just as pricey back. Try not to do this to people at all costs.

We're sure you can add to this list! Leave your comments about what you'd think in order to save others a costly mistake.

For great hostess gift ideas be sure to visit our Hostess Gift Section of GaveThat.com.

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Anonymous said…
One thing some of my guests have brought is too big of an appetite! I mean, a backyard luncheon is NOT the place to eat your hostess out of house and home. I always make plenty of food but guests should be considerate of others. The gluttony days of King Henry the VIII's feasts are over! Perhaps I should perceive this as a compliment though.
Gave That said…
Oh my, that is rather bad (although I find myself unable to stop laughing). This is not a way to leave a host and why bringing a nice gift can be of a big help. Check out our Hostess Gift section for lots of ideas... some are even free.

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