Random Acts of Kindness Right Now : Postcrossing

What if you could do a random act of kindness right now?

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I was reading my latest issue of Ready Made magazine when I came upon a snip-it on new websites. The website featured was Postcrossing. Wrinkling my nose I thought to myself, this isn't new... I was a member of this website years ago. I did a bit of checking and my hunch was right (the above postcard is testament to the fun I had with that website), the site is even much the same as I remember it. Some things deserve to be rediscovered and in this day in age blogged to the hilt. Postcrossing is one.

This begs the question what if you could do a random act of kindness right now? What if you could brake the cycle of negativity (i.e. someone just treated you badly) by reaching out and touching someone you don't even know with kindness? That's the loveliness behind Postcrossing. As the name implies its like Bookcrossing only you send a postcard of your choice to a random stranger out of the blue. A better update to the once popular PostcardX which finally succumbed to trolls, Postcrossing allows you to sign up and make a password protected profile. Their system gives you a random address and you mail off your postcard. In return you may get postcards from other users. It's kind of like no-commitment pen paling and it can be extremely fun. Children can even give it a spin and learn about geography.

Cost: stamps and postcards Site: use is free although there is a way to give donations

For more Postcrossing eyecandy take a look at the Postcrossing group on flickr.

Image: A really fab., postcard sent to me from New Zealand


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