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Here's the latest gift giving links we've found from around the net...

Bag Snob covers a line of Abi Ferrin clutch handbags that help women get out of the sex trade in, Purse with a Purpose Abi Ferrin.

GiftStumped welcome a new baby into the world, congratulations! and covers, The Best Gift A New Mother Can Receive - Time which shows how you can make personal certificates online.

Are you looking for a wedding dress and a way to give back to a good cause? If so and you're in the NYC area check out Bridal Gardens. Brides to be will find gowns up to 75% off and each sale goes to educating NYC children. For more information visit the Bridal Garden website: http://www.bridalgarden.org/.

GaveThat readers are telling us wedding season is still in full swing! If you're still in need of gift ideas visit the, Indie Wedding Guide over at Vintage Indie for some unique finds.

Indie Fixx also has a great summer wedding gift guide up in, the wedding guide.

If you're a bride or groom looking for a way to give back with your wedding regestry check out I Do Foundation. The I Do Foundation partners with a number of stores so that up to 10% of the gifts price will be donated to the cause of your choice. For more information visit the I Do Foundation website at: http://www.idofoundation.org/.

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