The Gift of Sage Advice

The Gift of Sage Advice will be a new weekly feature at Gave That. Eyeopening pieces that can add a new dimension of meaning with each read. This weeks gems:
(DailyOM) We can get stuck in our pain for many reasons. As children, it was natural for us to cry, throw a tantrum, and let the experience move through us. By fully feeling our pain in this way, our emotions would wash us clean, leaving us open and available to new experiences. With age, though, we might have determined that expressing emotion was no longer appropriate, and so we developed a variety of coping strategies to deal with our discomfort. We may have learned to stuff our feelings down or to run away from them. Perhaps we began thinking that staying closed and unwilling to try new things would keep us safe from heartbreak, safe from rejection, and safe from failure. Keep Reading Stuck In The Mud by DailyOM

Also check out, How to be happy - Part 2 by Passionateamerica, who's finding happiness through childhood is so right on. And for anyone who missed it, check out the Pema Chödrön interview on, Bill Moyers via YouTube for a wonderful exchange.


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