Keeping White : Wedding Gift Style

Traditionally wedding gifts have always been wrapped in white, silver or gold. It turns out that this tradition is one that cane make a lot of peoples lives much easier. Especially as one invitation and announcement after another rolls in. Thanks Mr. Postperson!

Why Keeping White Can Be A Good Idea
- Are you good at wrapping gifts? If you didn't spend time as a gift wrapper in your early days like I did, chances are you have issues wrapping gifts. You know the drill... miss taping things so that the design starts to rip off when you try to adjust it, cutting the paper way too big, wrinkles that won't come out, a lumpy shape and so on. Using bright colors or bold designs only intensifies any shortcomings. The solution is white which has a better chance of masking imperfections and giving off a cleaner finished look. Make your folds extra crisp and your gift will really end up popping.

- If you have no clue as to what the colors of the wedding will be, white is your choice. Even if you do know the colors being used, white will blend with them perfectly and always look classy.

- If you've been invited to different weddings white will really be your friend because you won't have to worry about buying different wrapping papers for each couple. Instead of buying a whole bunch of less expensive verities pick out a high end yet simple white paper and matching bows. This way you can use it on all the gifts. The results will be superior and you can always fall back on this paper for last minute gift giving needs.

When Not To Use White
- If the bridal party has a certain color as the theme of the wedding and everyone must dress in that way. Go with that out of respect for the couple.

How To Make White Gifts Unique
- Employ the other traditional colors of silver &/or gold in either the papers design, gift card or bow.

- Use black for added effect such as with Chinese paper cuts (see our previous How-To article on this), 3D silk flowers or a bundle of dried money plant attached to the top of the gift.

- Go white on white by adding Origami paper cranes, orbes or doves to the top of your gift.

Image: Hald A Second


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