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A trend I'm seeing more and more is making ones wedding unique from all the others. This seems to have become an obsession. One way you can make sure this is the case with your wedding is to take the time to write personal thank you notes to everyone who has given you a wedding gift.

Traditionally brides would keep a gift journal and would record important information so that when they wrote their thank you cards they could include personal details such as the givers name and what it was they actually received. Instead of a generic thank you the bride would write Dear Erin, thank you so much for the blue martini glass set, they're going to come in so handy at all those parties we hope to toss soon as a couple, etc., etc., etc. The main thing is that you bring that positive initial feeling that you had when you first opened the present to your correspondence. This can be hard by the time you actually get around to sending out the cards. With a journal you can quickly jot down your feelings as you go along.

These gift journals were specially made with spaces to record the givers name, date, what it was and so on. That way you wouldn't have to second guess yourself as to if you sent a thank you or not already and it also comes in extremely handy for gifts received from people who didn't attend your actual wedding (or who sent things later on). Sadly these books and personal words of thanks in general have really faded away and it's high time they came back! We've covered this journal, A Gift Journal by Loralin Design, here before but we're posting it again since it's high wedding season and it's perfect for your needs:

Keep A Journal Of Your GiftsA Gift Journal
If you're like me and need to keep lists and logs (guess what this blog really is?) in order to stay sane well here is the journal for you. If only they were more mass produced and sold at Barnes & Noble. That's OK because they seem to have been restocked by the online store Mom4Life. Filled with space to jot down what you gave, what came your way and important gift giving dates this is a must have 10 billion times over. Check out the, A Gift Journal by Loralin Design here (retail $11.99).

The store, Mom 4 Life, which sells the journal donates 10% of its proceeds from sales to Open Arms Pregnany Care Center.

Thorin Nielson

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Of course you can also make your ouwn bridal journal out of any book with blank pages.

What To Keep In Your Bridal Gift Journal

- The name and address of the giver

- What exactly it is that they gave you

- The date you got it

- The date of when you sent your thank you card

Also Read:
- The Gift of Gratitude


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