etsy Find : Recycled Magazine Gift Bows by BellyBuzz

recycled gift bows

These gift bows by new etsy seller BellyBuzz are incredible. Each is created out of recycled magazines and look so crisp and perfectly made from the pictures, you'd think they came from a high end boutique. I love these black and white Vogue ones which would look stellar on a simple all white wrapped present. $9.99 + S&H per package of bows.

Image: BellyBuzz


freelulu said…
Thanks for the link -- these bows look even better in person. Keep checkin' me out - there are lots more to come. : )

BellyBuzz aka Kathy McC
Gave That said…
Thanks Kathy for swinging by... I sure am going to keep an eye on your store! Those bows are amazing and I hope more people find out about you and BellyBuz.

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