The etsy Guide to a Handmade Wedding

etsy handmade wedding guide
Image: etsy

Who says you have to spend millions of dollars in order to have a wedding bash to remember? What I've actually seen is people having a tremendous amount of fun doing it themselves... from tiers and tiers of cupcakes to vintage dresses and tons of quirks inbetween. With few complaints and an infectious joy that seems to linger for years small handmade weddings are having a real rennisaunce.

Good old etsy, the site for everything handmade, has jumped in and created an online guide to encurage you to take the plunge and go handmade with your wedding. Through pictures and tutorials you'll learn how to have a vintage wedding, make your own flower bouquets, set the mood and more. Take a look at the Handmade Wedding Guide here.

Keep a lookout here at for our own wedding guide on gifts to give and ways to add unique style to your gift wrap. Just in time for the mad spring wedding dash.

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