2008 Gift Style Forcast : Going Green Eco

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Gift Wrap That Grows A Garden

Using the comics section from the Sunday paper is cute but there is so much more out there that you can do to give your gifts style while being eco chic. How about gift wrap embedded with seeds!? Pick up a couple rolls of these sun printed wrapping papers and your recipient can end up with a garden filled with Black Eyed Susan flowers. $20.00 at Uncommon Goods.com.

The Victorian Package

2008 Gift Style Forcast

How about those brown paper bags you have laying around. Why not go old school and use them to wrap smaller presents? Find some twine (try red!) and wrap it around your gift. As a finishing touch add wax seals, vintage postage stamps and faux cancellations (postmarks) from all over the world via rubber stamps. The result is something magical. Image: murmeltierchen

Natural Papers Like Mulberry

Another trend is to use natural papers. Mulberry papers created in the far east are some of the most gorgeous but you can also create your own papers out of recycled goods such as blue jeans.

It's Banana's

Banana leaves anyone? These with a bit of raffia make really cool covers as long as the item won't be effected from any potential transfer of green juice from the leaf.

Tote It Around

Finally organic and recycled tote bags are so hot right now everyone is jumping on the band wagon. These make great alternatives to paper gift bags for wines and other party favors. Swag gift bags are always more awe inducing when the bag is reusable.

Also check out eartheasy's Hemp Gift Wrap that combines hemp with 100% recycled materials. The wraps are very pretty and green to boot.

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This guide post is part of our Gift Style Forecast for 2008. We're counting down the top trends in gift giving style for this year. Keep checking back for new posts in this multi-segment GaveThat.com guide.

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