Jonathan Adler Creates A Verbose Umbrella for Barnes & Noble

Jonathan Adler
Image: B&

I had been looking around for designer Jonathan Adler's Words umbrella for a while now and a trip to Barnes & Noble a few days ago finally proved to be fruitful. The Words design is actually a whole line of retro infused items for your home and office... all done in shades of cream, cocoa brown and robins egg blue. Along with the super cool umbrella which would be great for your guy or your girl there were neat little note card sets, bud vases, pencil bags and more. Back to the umbrella which sells in the store I was at for $19.95. To me it's well worth it and makes a popular gift meaningful. I'm still at a loss for why but people love umbrellas as gifts. Even ones that are plain black or navy. This kicks it up a notch and seems like a real collectors piece down the road. You can also find it along with the entire Jonathan Adler line online here at b&


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