Give Twice : Hayden-Harnett - Nugaard Designs - John Hardy

Why give once when you can give twice? Check out these gift ideas:

NYC based designer Hayden-Harnett has jumped on the natural tote bandwagon and has started to produce a line that donates 100% of proceeds to Farm Aid. Each organic cotton Green is Good tote is only $27. As seen in Nylon magazine.

Take a cyber trip over to Red Envelope and take a peek at the super pretty Nugaard Flora Gold Earrings ($100). Nugaard Designs donates a portion of proceeds to the Trees for the Future which aims to stop global warming.

John Hardy wants you to wear bamboo, plant bamboo with his new collection of bamboo jewelry. John Hardy's company in turn donates funds to replant bamboo and other grasses in the Indonesian ecosystem. As seen in O magazine.

Read Have Fun - Do Good's book review of Grassroots Philanthropist by Bill Somerville. A new release that has been picking up a lot of buzz.

Also be sure to read Indie Fixx's round up of indie designers and stores giving back to charity in, What a Generous Bunch, How Indies Give Back.

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