The Gift of Gratitude

Image: Ron Bizzle Jr.
March Is Optimism Month

The day looked almost exactly like the gorgeous photograph above by Ron Bizzle Jr.. Gray and dreary which is rather normal for these parts. Every once in a while I force myself to look out the window to help save my eyes. As I was pondering how almost everything outside was the exact same shade of sepia something red flashed past my line of sight. It was the fattest male cardinal I think I've ever seen. I watched him with a slight grin for a few minutes until my eyes involuntarily darted to the left to another one and then up to yet another one perched on a thin branch. More and more until I almost started to feel unsettled. That's when I noticed movement in the leaves and it dawned on me that these males were not alone. Next to each was an almost invisible female fiddling in the leaves and with twigs. The property was covered with them. While I'm not going to say how long I stood there watching them I will say it was truly mesmerizing. I remember feeling tremendously thankful afterwards as if I had been given one of the best gifts ever and I was really.

the gift of gratitude
Sometimes it's just too easy to become bogged down in perceived problems or worse those of others. So how about recapturing the gift of gratitude and spreading it to others around you? Especially the half empty set. I say go for it. While at Barnes & Noble I was surprised at the number of journals devoted to thankfulness. Almost every self help book out there had a journal spin off. Including Chicken Soup and The Rules. These can go one of two ways, helpful or cheesy. One that I really like though is The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Breathnach $13.99 (Grand Central Publishing)

Of course you can also buy a really gorgeous blank journal, add a bookmark or pen and say here... this is a gift to you from me. Jot down everything you're thankful for. Just the act of doing so can make a world of difference.

Also are some of us born with a happy gene? Find out here.

For more of my favorite journals to give and use see this post here.


Vickie said…
Hi Ana,
I really like your blog and will come back again. It is very interesting and well done.
Gave That said…
Thank you very much for that Vickie! I feel like Aqua's Barbie Girl... "we're just getting started" and have a ton including photo shoots coming up for spring, so please do keep checking back.

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