Foxy Little Necklace by Frozen Peas Accessories

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(pictured: SLEEPY LITTLE FOX NECKLACE $32) Somehow I've always thought it all right to fall in love with art and that's what designer and artist Alberta May Poon of Portland OR has done with her line of jewelry Frozen Pea Accessories . Simple in construction but taken up a notch with silk screen printing of animals including horses and owls on leather and wood. My favorite, which I have, is the sleepy little fox. Native American in inspiration it has a small natural feather dangling from the side and a gold plated chain attached. Sometimes it's good to buy your own birthday present(s). Check out the full line which includes super cute bags, pins, earrings and necklaces. Gave That gives major thumbs up!

Also check out Poon's band at .


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