esty finds : Hand Silkscreened Wrapping Paper by rifferaff

silkscreened wrapping paper rifferaffsilkscreened wrapping paper rifferaffsilkscreened wrapping paper

Image: rifferaff @ esty

(pictured: Jigsaw Bead $8, Dots $10 & Dots $12) I just discovered this amazing line of hand silkscreened gift wrap by Shannon Riffe of rifferaff. According to their site they're into small scale, local, and eco-friendly production and use 100% recycled content papers with water based inks. The designs somehow capture a snapshot of retro and fuse with it clean modern lines... it swings both ways baby! (always wanted to say that). I say go for the green Dots which is of course huge for Spring but will continue to be popular for the rest of the year. Oh and keep the bow simple so the paper steals the show. Visit rifferaff for the full line of handmade gift wraps & cards or her blog.

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