DIY Hostess Gifts : N.E.E.T Pillows and Blogs

If you don't already read N.E.E.T magazine you're really missing out. I remember when it first started and am floored at how it has progressed over the years. It's somewhat Nylon like only 10 times better as it's more street real. It's free to read, totally online (saves trees) although you will need high speed DHL, etc., and comes out quarterly. In this latest issue they show how to create your own decorative pillows (page 96) which would make a super unique hostess or housewarming gift. They also have articles on vintage finds.

Another area of interest although it doesn't pertain much to gift giving is how they highlighted and interviewed bloggers from Europe. Susie Bubble in style I was surprised that I never heard or been to any of them before. I guess the world wide web isn't as world wide as many of us think with many bloggers linking mostly to sites in their own local (US).

If you want to go over and take a look, they are:

Each personal style blogger also gives other blogs they like to visit and this sends you on yet another search though unseen wonders such as although the last post is farewell and I'll keep you posted. Another one that makes you want to run out and buy red sunglasses, and Cherry Blossom Girl from France.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for linking me ;)
Anonymous said…
No problem! I was really happy to find you in N.E.E.T and visit your site. My hope is more people will discover you and the others. You all deserve it!

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