Subversive Jewelry To Land At Target March 23rd

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News comes from Target that NYC jewelry designer Justin Giunta and his line Subversive will be coming to certain Target stores this March 23rd. All I can say is, "yesssss".

I've adored Mr. Giunta's work for some time and it's rather nice to see how well he has made these Target pieces look like his main line which is mostly comprised from junk jewelry he finds around the city. It's like art on a rope... very edgy and at times almost too ugly to wear. You want to just hang it on the edge of an old mirror and peer at it for hours like a piece of fine art.

I'll be there on March 23rd but I have a sad feeling others will not. Past artist Dominique Cohen clearly didn't go over well at all. Prices in the Subversive Target line will range from $14.99 to $59.99 for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins. (pictured: Turquoise-Inspired Cameo Necklace $59.99)

Update: (Sunday March 2nd 08) Well it turns out I don't need to go on March 23rd because I've now seen the whole Target line including many, if not all, pieces unreleased by the press department. My favorite still has to be the above pictured Turquoise Cameo necklace which looks even better in person. The amount of detail is out of this world although it seems to sit funny on the neck. Many of the other pieces in the collection on the other hand use bright plastic in clashing colors which gives a somewhat child like and clunky look (ala Marni) which some might like. I'm not one of them.

The best pieces are those in the higher price ranges although people with me pointed out, "they look thrown together!". That haphazard look of Subversive can be its best attribute and can also be its curse. We have to remember that these Target pieces are not created out of authentic vintage costume jewelry so there is something somewhat lost. The touch of neon here and there also wasn't helpful to the collection. Over all I think it's worth a look and can make a really nice gift for the right person who hasn't a problem with thinking outside the box. I just wonder if something better for the same price could be found by artists at places such as esty? (I know it can) Can and should fine art be mass produced?

I caved and bought a number of the pieces from this capsule collection. Most of which were never listed for sale online or in stores (very odd, almost prototype like!). See one of my experiences in my subsequent post, "Truly Subversive - Serves Me Right".

The [Link removed as this item is no longer listed for sale at Target's website] is now up at Target's website. Keep in mind these lines go in a blink of an eye so browse while you can.

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