Rwanda Path to Peace Basket Collection at Macy's

Rwanda Path to Peace Basket
Rwanda Friendship Cathedral Basket $45.00 Image: Macy's

Above is just one of the amazing one-of-a-kind baskets sold at Macy's as part of the, Path to Peace Basket Collection. Each basket is created by artisans living in Rwanda Africa. Thanks to a piece in Pink Magazine on Pascasie Mukamunigo, The Peace Basket by Danica Kombol, I learned about the program and set out to find the section of Macy's website that housed the collection of baskets. The Rwanda Path to Peace program is a Trade Not Aid program that aims to fight world poverty by opening up global markets to those living in impoverished locals. The weavers of these baskets are mostly women who have had great loss due to the genocide.

When you look at the baskets it's hard not to be amazed at both the weavers fine work and their eye for design. Best of all each basket won't drain your pockets as you'll want to buy a few as hostess gifts and for your own home. For more information on the Path to Peace project and baskets visit:

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