Gauguin / Savage Light by George Fischoff Now At Studio 353

Gauguin / Savage Light by George Fischoff
Perfect for Two
Gauguin / Savage Light by George Fischoff has moved from Roy Arias Theatres, to Studio 353, 353 W 48th Street New York (between 8th and 9th), . This way off broadway musical by George Fischoff features amazing singing and a unique take on the master painters life. Now this is a short musical after all so one shouldn't expect a detailed biography of Gauguin's life and with a small cast, you'll be seeing the same people over and over in various roles but the subject combined with Mr. Fischoff's live playing of the piano makes this quite out of the norm and a must see. Perfect for a romantic night out as the venue is small and the play itself is not very long. Now until Feb 29th 08 get 20% off the ticket price ($25.00) when you order though Broadway Box . Gave That gives it a thumbs up.


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