Open Letter To: The Body Shop Who Claims Fair Trade But Is What They Do To Customers Fair?

Is The Body Shop's Free Body Gel Promotion An Attempt To Lore Buyers Back To Web Ordering?

the body shop

When I saw The Body Shop created a limited-edition holiday collection with fair trade ingredients sourced from Zambia and Nicaragua I thought perfect and went on to order a bunch of gift sets from their website, Just before I hit the send order button thoughts of my last botched order with them flashed though my mind but I decided to give them another go.

Things started out much as they did before, an almost 2 week span of time just to pack and ship my items. Beads of sweat were starting to flow as I watched the days tick away on the calander and the holidays speeding at me. Just when I thought everything wouldn't make it on time, a box showed up (no warning nor tracking was given via e-mail). Taking out the contents, all of which were not wrapped nor padded in any way, I was glad to see everything was actually there and in one piece. That's when I noticed that wasn't so true... they shipped me the wrong items.

By this time there was no way they could replace the items in time for the holidays and they refused to reply so I gave what they sent me. If I may divert to what I gave, it was the Ltd. ed., Rich Plum and Cranberry holiday gift sets. They went over extremely well! Everyone loved the bright scents, the ingredients and kept telling me long after how much they enjoyed using the creams, soaps and bubblebath.

What I found extremely odd was the way The Body Shop never wanted to do anything about their repeated mistakes and how they didn't seem to feel that Providing Good Customer Service should join their other passions of Protecting Our Planet and Defending Human Rights. How about my human right to get what I paid for? I decided that would sadly be the last time I would be ordering from them. Free gift or not, I would be very leery of ordering though their website, especially if you are use to a high level of professional customer service or at the very least, a response when things go wrong.

One longs for the days of Anita Roddick... I won't even get into going into the store, trying to fix the mix up, and hearing a loop of Paris Hilton pumped over the speakers.

As an alternative, The Body Shop also sells their line on which may provide better results. The Body Shop couldn't be reached for comment.

Was my experience a fluke? Or is this the norm? Share your experiences in the comments area.

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