Some Gifts Become Addictive

... especially when they're in the form of food!

Now we no longer have to wait for the holidays or that trip to so and so's house, we can dial it up ourselves over the net and keep the gifts coming.

Two in my life are:

The rich, creamy taste of Brooklyn's own Junior's Cheesecake which is so good and fattening it isn't even funny.

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Juniors Cheesecake shop
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Crash n Donna.

Around this time of year, when it's cold, I do my best to stay away from it. This cheesecake is best enjoyed knowing you can hop on your bike or go on a quick jog to burn off the gazillion calories hidden in each thin sliver. In the fall they make a pumpkin flavor that's out of this world and their heart shaped cakes are perfect for Valentines Day gifts.

The other highly addictive treat is cult favorite Dale and Thomas Popcorn. Each assortment box comes with 1 foot long bags of their gournet popcorn topped in all sorts of nuts and suger laden drizzels. My favorites are the Smokehouse Cheddar, Butter Toffee & Walnut Crunch and Peanutbutter & White Chococlate DrizzelCorn. Be forwarned about the Cinnamon Creme DrizzelCorn and the Sweet Georgia Pecan as they're so sticky it ends up feeling like your jaw is wired shut.

Each has pretty quick shipping and gift service so you can surprise someone with a new addiction.

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