One-of-a-Kind Olga Abadi Handbags & Recycled Billboard Totes Secretly at

gift blog Olga Abadi review can be a really odd place indeed, just by chance I came across a bunch of handbags, clutches and totes that are made out of recycled materials including candy wrapper wristlet clutches by Mexican designer now living in London Olga Abadi. What is really strange is when you search Olga's name or Nahiu, nothing comes up. I hadn't seen any news of her bags being sold by Target either. If you'd like to pick one or two up, you can get free shipping at the moment, check out the [Link removed due to item no longer being sold at Target] Nahiu Ollin Rosy Cheeks Handmade in Tutti Fruitti.

The planner version of this Nahiu Ollin Tutti Fruitti was seen on the TV show Gossip Girls and has since been a Hollywood starlet hit. I really like Nahiu Ollin's handbags in Tutti Fruitti--they pack so much pop in person and are each one of a kind. Just be sure to look over the bag you wish to buy carefully. I found some that were already coming apart on the sales rack. These are best left for special nights out as they likely won't be able to stand up to constant use.

[Get the Nahui Ollin New Overturned Tote here for $229.]
[Get the Nahui Ollin Rosy Cheeks Wristlet here for $58.]
[Get the Nahui Ollin Executive Planner for $45.]

Also be sure to look at the [Link removed due to item no longer being sold at Target] recycled billboard sign bags that come in the form of totes, clutches and handbags (the totes are the best). For some reason the actual maker of these bags are not disclosed although they look rather Vy & Elle like.

All of these bags are only being sold on, not in stores so unfortunately no international orders. The reason for this might be that since they are created from recycled resources, each bag tends to be slightly different from one another which usually ends up being a curse to retail store displays. Anyone looking for a unique gift would be really pleased on the other hand to be giving something green and almost one-of-a-kind.

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