New Blogger Book Donates To Doctors Without Borders


When I was invited to be part of this book, I thought how could I say no?

The website FuelMyBlog (which this blog is a member of) has published a book with that will donate money from each sale to the charity Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontiers. FuelMyBlog explains about the project and the book Revealing the Human Behind the Avatar...

The book is to show that us bloggers are real people. There have been too many cases of people receiving nasty threats on their blogs and we believe it is so easy to forget that behind our views and opinions and the avatar we have all over the internet, behind that, we are human. We think that by taking a picture of ourselves behind our avatar, it keeps our identity safe but at the same time shows we are real.

How well put and how needed. We're not talking to computers, we're talking to people and should treat everyone on the net as we do on the street.

To pick up a copy, visit the books catalog page here. The hardcover retails for $25.95 + S&H and the softcover is $16.95 + S&H.

(for the book) copyright mam

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