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Stum-n-Comfort Guitar Picks

These super comfortable picks are perfect for for finger picking styles and those who use thumb picks. Veteran performer and guitar teacher for over 40 years, Paul Pugliese says these picks are great because they stay on and don't get in the way. They work well on finger picking styles as well as classical guitar and banjo rolls. I've used them on my Autoharp and Strumstick and found I can play much longer in comfort yet be in control of the pick without thinking about it. We tested the Kodiak and Sharktooth crossover picks which work welll for hybrid picking. They really allow you to focus on your technique and the inventor, Greg Atkin, is coming out with a CD on universal picking which highlights how to get the most from this system. Greg's website also offers guitar accessories and Music Themed Jewelry that is beautiful and unique.
Stop by Strum 'N Comfort online at:

The Strumstick by Bob McNally
On its own, the Strumstick is such a cool instrument that you could buy it for anyone and make them happy. However, one would miss the full potential of this "stick dulicmer". Having only three strings, one being a drone note, the Grand Strumstick we tested is tuned to the key of D by way of D-A-D. This means nearly whatever you do sounds melodic and picking out songs is actually quite easy. Still the best part about the Strumstick is that it is the perfect guitar trainer. You can practice the same exercises for barring and fretting while making real music. I found that my attenuation and dexterity for the guitar improved greatly when using the Strumstick. This is a great instrument to introduce someone to the guitar or even allow seasoned guitarists to compose on. Fun on a stick!

See all the varieties of Strumstick including the newer electric ones at:

by. M.M. "Best Picks Blog"

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