Kaleidoscope : Eco Luxe Jewelry That Gives Back

Some great gift worthy finds by fellow bloggers as things go tribal this year:

The Coveted shows some amazing necklaces made out of everyday items like toothpicks and bobbie pins by Touch in Keep In Touch. (I'm going to try and make one of those bobbie pin necklaces for sure).

StyleBytes goes Native (American) with handmade
beaded earrings.

HauteNature shows us recycled pool ball and Bakelite bracelets and jewelry by artist Eleanor Salazar (talk about wow) in recycled pool balls & bakelite

The Urban Socialite highlights the mind blowing art jewelry of Linda Loudermilk in
h2 oh .

hippy shopper covers the tribal flavored jewelry designs by UK based Azuni.
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Anonymous said…
ah, thanks for linking to me!

here is the link on my new blog...

and thanks for letting me know you had a hard time with it..

and i love the crytalette beaded earrings...
Gave That said…
Thank you Jennine and I do too!

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